What brought you to CPSC?

I had been working as a Legal Editor and Legal Reporter for about 15 years before applying to CPSC. My work as an attorney involved the area of toxic torts. My first attempt at seeking employment at CPSC occurred in the mid-1990s. I came close to getting what was posted as a part-time, shared position. However, after a couple of interviews, I did not make the cut. Subsequently, in 2010, a friend who worked for former Chairman Inez Tenenbaum told me about an opportunity (…)

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What brought you to CPSC?

As a journalist, I was very much aware of the good and important work that was being done by CPSC. On numerous occasions I would either be on the receiving end of a phone call from CPSC telling me about a major recall coming up, or I would be the one calling CPSC’s media office seeking answers about a dangerous product. “Why isn’t this product being recalled?” I would inquire. I always had a passion for consumer news and was one of a few in the newsroom who (…)

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Taking a four wheeler out for a spin is a recreational activity that many riding enthusiasts participate in all year long. Yet, riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) continues to be a dangerous and deadly activity when certain safety precautions are not followed. Deaths and injuries resulting from ATV incidents have ticked down in recent years, although the stats are still deeply concerning to CPSC. There are about 650 deaths and 100,000 injuries every year involving ATVs, according to our 2015 (…)

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Old man winter is gripping much of the nation and that means many consumers are turning up the heat in their homes. Some are using drastic measures to stay warm, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning—an invisible, odorless, colorless killer. Did you know that winter is peak season for CO deaths in the United States? The deadly gas kills more than 400 people every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Any heating system that burns fuel can produce (…)

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With cold winter weather already upon us, families without a home heating system or who are struggling to pay their heating bills may try to find creative ways to stay warm, ways that could put their safety at risk.

CPSC is urging friends, family and neighbors to share a few safety tips with those who are using space heaters to heat their home. If not used properly, space heaters can quickly create a deadly fire. Just search the Internet for “space heater news” and you’ll find dozens of (…)

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