What’s wrong with this picture?

Let’s start with that TV. It’s up high on the dresser. A TV on a dresser or any tall piece of furniture is a recipe for disaster when you have an active toddler or young child in the house. And it doesn’t matter what kind of TV – large tube TVs, flat screens, big or small consoles. Instead, try to place your TV on a sturdy, low base.

Children like to climb. (Just look at the boy in the picture.) See the remote control on top of the TV? A child (…)

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The last thing that you expect when you put your young child into a clip-on chair is that your child could suffer an injury. But that’s what can happen to children using some phil&ted’s “metoo” infant and toddler chairs that attach to a tabletop.

In fact, CPSC knows of numerous incidents involving some of the metoo chairs and has determined that serious, disfiguring injuries could occur as a result of the product’s hazard.

Here are the chairs, which you should stop using:


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Every two weeks a child dies when a television or a piece of furniture falls on him.

In the incidents recorded by CPSC, toddlers were often climbing on entertainment units, dressers, bookcases or other pieces of furniture to reach the television. In some cases this led to a TV or a piece of furniture falling onto and crushing the child.

These incidents are tragic – and preventable.

You can easily safeguard your house by doing the following:

• Make sure that your furniture is stable.

• (…)

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Do you have young children in your home? If so, be sure to child-proof your windows before letting the warm spring air waft through your house. Such measures are like installing baby gates – they keep your baby safe with little extra effort.

Window falls are common, particularly in spring and summer. And they are preventable. Just take a look at these news reports from the first few days of April:

Pennsylvania boy, age 3, falls from a window and sustains head injuries.

Oklahoma (…)

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