Many of you want to get elaborate this year. We’ve seen those super-cool pumpkins with detailed carvings, too …

And while we aren’t saying to those carving cravings, please beware of doing a hatchet job to fingers.

Give the child a spoon. Let her scoop. Give her a crayon. Let her

Keep the sharp tools in adult hands. Choose them carefully.

Light the pumpkins with something battery-operated, like or . Don’t use an open flame.

Keep it happy, not hurtful. Use (…)

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One of the power tools that is regularly involved in incidents that hurt their operators are table saws. Based on a two-year study in 2007 and 2008, CPSC estimates that about 67,300 people suffered from medically treated blade contact injuries each of those two years.

According to CPSC’s analysis of table saw injuries, the people getting hurt are often experienced operators, including some who disabled safety devices. Victims reported that the device either got in the way or slowed their work (…)

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