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Have you ever wondered:

Can I watch a CPSC Commission briefing about topics such as children’s products or a CPSC public hearing, such as the recent one on hazardous, high powered magnet sets?
Are there videos showing recently recalled products?
Are there safety videos that I can watch and share on my own website?

The answer to all these questions is YES!

We’ve made some recent upgrades to CPSC.gov to improve your video watching experience. Go to our Newsroom tab to find Videos.  (…)

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Welcome to a new and improved CPSC.gov home page.

We’ve made some significant changes to make it easier and faster for you to find the information you want at CPSC.gov. Today, you’ll see the first step toward a more modern CPSC.gov.

The rotating top photo area highlights important safety messages, consumer product safety recalls and news. Just below that, the tabs take you quickly to the latest recalls, news and video from CPSC. We encourage you to watch, share and embed our videos. (…)

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