During November and December 2015, there were six fatalities and an estimated 14,000 injuries treated in hospital ERs nationwide, due to holiday decorations. That’s an average of about 230 injuries per day during the holiday season!

Falls, lacerations, back strains and ingestion of foreign objects were among the top holiday decorating-related injuries last season. To prevent decorating disasters, CPSC counts down the 12 Ways to Celebrate Safely:

12. Take special care with sharp, weighted, (…)

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Stitches, slings, and crutches are not what most people envision for the holiday season. Unfortunately, for about 200 people a day, decoration-related injuries are a reality this time of year. During November and December, an estimated 13,000 consumers are treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to holiday lights, Christmas trees, ornaments and other decorations. As consumers nationwide gear up to deck out their homes for the holiday season, CPSC is warning of decorating (…)

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