The ingenuity of African American inventors Lewis Latimer and Philip Downing allowed consumers to see the light, literally. These pioneers were instrumental in bringing the age of electricity safely into consumers’ homes.

Lewis Howard Latimer received a patent in January 1881 for an improved process for creating a carbon filament for light bulbs. His filament was more durable and longer lasting than earlier filaments, such as Thomas Edison’s original paper filament. His innovation (…)

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Did you know that asking for the “real McCoy” started with a product invented by an African American?

Mechanical engineer Elijah McCoy received a patent for an automatic steam engine lubricating device in 1872. The device made it possible for train engines to be lubricated while they ran, saving the railroad time and money. When railroad engineers wanted to make sure they received lubricators designed by him and not inferior imitations, they asked for the “real McCoy” system.

Before (…)

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