Safety Is The New Cool. So Be Smart And Stay Safe As You Head Back To School!


Safety is the New Cool. So be Smart and Stay Safe as you head back to School!
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Yes, it’s cool to be safe. So let’s talk about a few ways to keep safety on the brain as children head back to school for another year of learning, growing and fun. Check out these tips.



So your child wants to ride a bike, skateboard, or maybe even scooter to school?  That’s cool, as long as he/she remembers safety first. So it’s important that they wear the right helmet, that it fits right, and is worn every time they ride. Helmets are also important for various school sports.

Check out helmet safety and other great tips for your budding athletes here:

A word of caution to owners of hoverboards. Parents, think twice before allowing your child to ride a hoverboard to school. CPSC recently announced the recall of more than a half million hoverboards by 10 different companies due to a fire hazard. Helmets and protective gear are a must if they do use this device.  For more information about the hoverboard recalls read here.



You know what they say about all work and no play? It makes kids grumpy… and grownups too! Outdoor play is an essential part of the school day. But schools and parents need to be aware of the possible dangers on playgrounds. There are more than 200,000 hospital emergency visits each year due to playground injuries, most due to falls. Here are a few things to remember:

    • Have 9-12 inches of shock-absorbing material (wood chips, mulch, rubber mats) under the playground.
    • Don’t let kids play on slides/surfaces that are burning hot!
    • Make sure there is no exposed hardware to catch clothing and no free hanging ropes attached to equipment.

Want more playground safety tips? Click here: CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook


You may only have a few more months before cooler weather starts creeping in, and that means time to take out the jackets, sweaters and hoodies. Keep this safe tip on the brain.

    • Never buy/allow kids to wear clothes with drawstrings around the hood/neck—it’s a strangulation danger!


Emergency Plan


Make sure kids know what to do in an emergency if you’re not home!

    • Have an escape plan if the fire or CO alarm goes off. Have the kids practice it!
    • Teach kids to call 911 in an emergency.

Distracted Walking


Tablets, Smartphones, streaming music players, Aye Yai Yai! Technology really has a hold on our children these days.

    • Kids are getting hurt from texting and talking on their phone while crossing the street. We say, heads up!

Check for recalls – especially, clothes, school supplies, and bikes.

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Be sure to check out our ABCs of school safety video.

Don’t forget, it’s cool to be Safe!


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