Read This Before You Cook Your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Did you know that the number of kitchen fires triples on Thanksgiving Day?  Yes, it can happen to you.

There is an average of about 1,300 kitchen fires on Thanksgiving compared to about 400 on other days, looking at the data from 2010 through 2012.

It makes sense.  Thanksgiving is all about gathering family and friends and cooking a big homemade meal.

Pan on fire

So now that you know about the increased fire threat, how do you cook Thanksgiving dinner safely?

  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves near ranges and ovens;
  • Watch children closely so they do not come into contact with cooking food or hot stovetops; and
  • Turn pan handles toward the back of the stove to prevent kids and others from spilling a pan’s scalding contents on themselves.

If you are cooking your bird in a turkey fryer this year, do it outside only and away from your home. Away from your home means NOT inside your garage or on your porch.

Since 2002, there have been more than 168 turkey-fryer related fire, burn, explosion or CO poisoning incidents, including 672 injuries and $8 million in property damage.
Fire Prevention For Thanksgiving

See our turkey fryer safety tips:

  • Use turkey fryers outside only and away from your home.
  • Never use a turkey fryer in a garage or on a porch.
  • Do not overfill the oil in the turkey fryer.
  • Never leave the turkey fryer unattended.

CPSC wishes you and your family a happy — and safe — Thanksgiving!




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