Seven things to check for back to school safety

Children playing on playground.

Whether it’s your child’s first day or eighth year in school, parents worry.

To have a little less worry during your day, check out these seven back–to-school safety tips from CPSC:

  1. Playground equipment – Ask if it has been inspected and maintained before school starts.  Our research and reports of incidents find entrapment and fall hazards with different types of equipment. Your school needs to do a safety check.
  2. Surfaces around playground equipment – kids can be hurt if they don’t have:
    • Nine inches of shock-absorbing material, such as wood chips, wood mulch, sand or pea gravel; OR
    • Mats made of safety-tested rubber or rubber-like materials.
  3. All movable soccer goals must be anchored securely at all times.
  4. Approved bicycle helmets should be fitted properly on every child, every time – same for scooters and skateboards. To be safe, helmets must fit snugly, level on top of the head, low on the forehead with chinstrap buckled.
  5. There should be no drawstrings on outerwear worn by children – drawstrings around the neck and waist pose a serious risk to kids.
  6. Check for recalled items – especially, clothes, school supplies, and bikes.
  7. Sign up for email alerts of CPSC recalled children’s items sent directly to your inbox.

Want to share this message with other parents? Follow this link to our back to school poster you can print out.

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