Those Wonderful QR codes (and what you can do with them)

Code, QR Code, Quick Response CodeIf you’re a member of CPSC’s Neighborhood Safety Network (NSN), you’re probably familiar with the free safety posters we offer.  Topics range from how to make sure all babies have a safe sleep, to preventing poisonings and drowning, to protecting seniors from falls and fires.

On many of those NSN posters, you might notice a square box made up of a matrix of smaller squares. Those funny little things are Quick Response or QR codes. Like a linear barcode, they can be read by an imaging device, such as the camera on your smartphone, and a decoding app. Most of these apps can be downloaded free.

While our posters give you the basic information you need to know quickly, we include the QR codes to take you to areas on CPSC’s website, like our Safety Education Centers, that provide greater insight and more resources.

If you’re not receiving NSN messages, you may be missing out on the chance to provide people in your community lifesaving safety information. Several times a month, we send out timely safety messages that show how to access posters, safety guides, checklists and toolkits that can be used to create a safety program in your neighborhood or with your group. The information is tailored to meet the needs of specific consumers. Much of the material is also available in Spanish. And it’s all free.

But, to get the materials, you have to sign up to be an NSN member. Membership is open to all who want to become partners in an ongoing campaign to reach underserved consumers with critical safety information.

Come join us. Get connected, share and save a life!

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