Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Are you a community leader?  A volunteer?  A mentor to a child?  If so, you are already having a positive and lasting impact on your community.  But, there is another simple step that we would like you to take to help improve the lives of families in your community: Join the Neighborhood Safety Network!

Every two weeks, a child dies when a TV, an appliance or piece of furniture falls on him or her. Every month, a child is strangled in a window covering. Every year, 300 kids younger than five drown in pools. All of these have something in common. They are all preventable!

Multi-ethnic crowd of people

CPSC can give you tools to help people in your community learn about hazards in and around the home.  These tools are available free to those who are part of the NSN.

NSN is a simple online service that provides tools and resources so you can get vital lifesaving safety information into your neighborhood, your community, your group.

Several times a month, we send out timely safety messages giving you access to free posters, safety guides, checklists and toolkits that can be used to create a safety program. The information is on a variety of topics and is tailored to meet the needs of specific consumers — such as child safety tips for new parents and fire safety advice for older Americans. Much of the material is also available in Spanish.

Getting these materials is simple. Just sign up. Period. Membership is open to any person, group or organization. Please help us reach all consumers with critical information about how to protect their families from dangers in and around their homes.

Come join us. Get connected, share and save a life!

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