Move Your Generator Out of the Garage

Generator with warning labelAre you getting your power from a portable generator? Do you have a neighbor who is still waiting for the power to be restored after Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter?

The aftermath of a storm can sometimes be a time when people take risks. Do not make your generator placement one of those risks. It can have deadly consequences for you and your family. Since Hurricane Sandy hit,  more than a dozen people in the Northeast have died from carbon monoxide, or CO, poisonings from generators, according to news accounts.

Generators need to be placed outside, away from windows and doors. They do not belong in garages or basements. Opening the garage or basement door does NOT provide enough ventilation to save you from the deadly gas.

Share this information with anyone you know in the affected areas. If you are in a storm-affected area and hear a generator running in your neighborhood, share this information with its owner.

If you’re running a generator, make sure you have a working CO alarm in your home. Even if you aren’t running a generator, install a CO alarm. This alarm can save your life. The initial symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness.

Here’s more information on carbon monoxide.

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