Check Your Single-Cup Coffee Maker and T Discs

When you’re making a cup of coffee, you don’t want to get burned by having hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves spray out at you.

Today, we are announcing a voluntary recall involving about 1.7 million Bosch-branded Tassimo T Disc single cup brewers and certain Kraft espresso T Discs, due to a burn hazard to consumers. We are urging you to stop using these recalled coffee makers and espresso discs and take advantage of the free replacement part and espresso T Disc refund programs.

Here’s what the coffee makers look like:

Recalled Tassimo Bosch Single-Cup Coffee Makers

A 10-year-old Minnesota girl was one of 37 reported victims of second-degree burns from the coffee maker’s spray. The girl had burns to her face and neck and was hospitalized. There have been 140 reports of incidents in which the coffee makers sprayed hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves onto consumers.

Either “Bosch” and “Tassimo” or “Tassimo Professional” are printed on the front of the coffee makers. They use small plastic disks, called “T Discs” that are filled with coffee, tea, milk, chocolate or syrup to brew drinks. This recall news release gives you a list of recalled model numbers and additional details.

Recalled Tassimo Espresso T DiscsSome of the Kraft Foods-made espresso T Discs that fit in these coffee makers are also being recalled because they can become clogged and spray hot liquid and coffee grounds during or after brewing. The 4 million recalled packages of T Discs are 25 types of Gevalia, Maxwell House and Nabob branded espresso T Discs used in Tassimo coffee makers. This recall news release tells you how to identify the recalled T Discs by codes listed on the packages. [LINK TO KRAFT RECALL] Kraft reports 21 incidents involving the recalled T Discs, including four reports of second-degree burns. One injury involved a 2-year-old girl from Canada who received second-degree burns to her face.

If you own these recalled coffee makers or the recalled espresso T Discs, stop using them today. Contact Tassimo through their website at or by calling toll-free (866) 918-8763 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Tassimo will send you a free replacement “T Disc holder” for the coffee maker and a full refund for the T Discs.

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