Stop Using Pourable Gel Fuels

The use of pourable gel fuels in firepots is dangerous. These fuels pose serious flash fire and burn hazards. Stop using them!

These hazards are why 9 manufacturers and distributors are recalling pourable gel fuels. Another manufacturer, Napa Home & Garden recalled its pourable gel fuel products in June 2011. If you own pourable gel fuel, contact the company that makes or distributes the gel fuel for a refund and information on returning the fuel to them. Some manufacturers are working on their recall programs and will have more information available soon.

CPSC scientists and engineers have studied gel fuel and have found that dangerous fire and burn risks can result from the fuel’s use with firepots.

CPSC is aware of 65 incidents involving gel fuels resulting in 2 deaths. To date, CPSC knows of 34 victims who were hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns to their face, chest, hands, arms or legs.

All consumers need to be aware of the serious fire and burn hazards that can occur from refilling already lit firepots with gel fuel. Because firepot flames can be hard to see under certain circumstances, a consumer may not realize that the firepot is still burning.

Flaming fuel can splatter onto people and objects nearby.

It is difficult to put out a gel fuel fire. “Stop, drop and roll” does not work on gel fuel fires. These fires are difficult to extinguish with water. Patting the fire off of someone can spread the gel and the fire onto the person trying to put out the fire. These fires can best be put out with an ABC- or BC-rated dry chemical or dry powder fire extinguisher.

Again, if you own pourable gel fuel, stop using them. Do not try to fix pourable gel fuel bottles with homemade remedies or replace the fuel with other flammable materials. Return the gel fuel to the company.

If you have an incident with gel fuel, report it to CPSC on

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