SaferProducts Is Born!

CPSC is proud to be taking part this year in National Consumer Protection Week. This week you’ll see a coordinated campaign at that encourages you – consumers – nationwide to take full advantage of your rights and make better-informed decisions.

Making informed decisions is what is all about.

Today, CPSC is launching the first consumer product database of its kind.

This database starts with YOU!

Come to Tell us about safety problems you have experienced with a consumer product. We’re not talking about a product you just don’t like – the slow computer or noisy freezer. Instead, maybe the electric cord on one of your countertop appliances began to melt and smoke during use. Maybe your toddler pulled a small piece off a toy that could be a choking hazard. Maybe you have a power tool with a trigger that gets stuck, preventing the tool from stopping after you have released the trigger.

Here’s how works:

If you experience a safety problem with a consumer product, you should go to and click on the button “Report an Unsafe Product.” You fill out an easy to use, interactive form, telling us about the product and what happened. The more details you give us, the better. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete. Before you submit your report, you will be asked whether you want your report to be published on You will also be asked to verify that your report is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

If you say “yes” and submit all of the required information, your report will be put in the queue to appear online for anyone to see. First, we’ll send your report to the product’s manufacturer or private labeler so they can review it and comment on it. Then, in most cases, your report will be published online 10 days after we send it to the business.

Through, you can look up any product you have at home or are thinking of buying. You can see if others reported safety concerns about a product. You can see the manufacturer’s response. The first reports that come in on March 11 should be visible by early April.

Information is power. And this information empowers you. This open access to product safety information puts the power into your hands to make safer choices for your family.

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