Coming Next Year: The Consumer Product Safety Information Database

It’s possible – even probable – that you were traveling or cooking just before Thanksgiving and missed a big development for consumers and businesses here at CPSC.

The Commission moved forward to create a publicly available consumer product safety information database. The Commission voted 3-2 to publish a final rule about the database in the Federal Register.

So, what does that mean for you? A lot!

Here’s the lowdown:

Consumers can and do tell us about unsafe products. The difference is currently those reports are not readily accessible by you at this time, but come March of next year, they will be.
Early next year, you will be able to go to and file a report telling CPSC and other consumers about harmful or potentially harmful consumer products. Real people, just like you, have already tested early versions of CPSC’s new reporting form. They’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy and intuitive the form is. We hope you will find it easy, too.

Many of you probably already think to contact a store or a manufacturer when you experience a safety problem with a consumer product. But how many of you think “I’ve got to tell the Consumer Product Safety Commission about that”?

That’s EXACTLY what we want you to do and what this database is all about.

You will be able tell CPSC and other consumers about safety issues that you encounter with a consumer product. We will send that report to the manufacturer for a comment. We will then post your report on We’ll include the manufacturer’s comments as well, if they ask us to do so.

You will also be able to go to and search for products. Maybe it’s something you’re thinking of buying. Maybe it’s something you own. Regardless, you can search, and you will see other consumers’ experience with that product and what the manufacturer’s comments are about those experiences.

It’s transparent, it’s open government and it’s all about serving you, the American public.

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