A Renewed Warning on Toy that Explodes

At CPSC, we take pride in the fact that the majority of the recalls we announce have no incidents or injuries and the announcement is intended to prevent incidents or injuries. When there are injuries with a product prior to a recall being announced, we take that very seriously and really strive to ensure that no one else gets hurt.

So, when we see a case where children are getting hurt after a recall has been announced, we believe that we need to speak up again and urge families to heed our warning.

It is for this reason that it’s time for families to pay attention in the case of some exploding jars included in a bath oil kit. Here’s the situation:

In January 2009, JAKKS Pacific recalled 516,000 Spa Factory Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain & Bath Benefits Kits. Pressure from the buildup of carbon dioxide in the jars of Bath Bombs/Balls or Bath Fizzies that come with the kits can cause the caps on the jars to blow off. In addition, the mixtures contain citric acid, which can get into the eyes during an explosion.

Spa Factory Aromatherapy Fountain & Bath Benefits Kits

Spa Factory Aromatherapy Fountain & Bath Benefits Kits

As of last January, JAKKS and CPSC had received 88 reports of exploding jars, including 13 injuries to both children and adults. Since that first recall was issued, JAKKS and CPSC have received reports of 13 additional injuries.

Yes, folks, that means that when the company announced the recall, there were 13 reports of injuries, and since then, there have been 13 more reports of injury.

Cap with vent holes

Cap with vent holes

There is a simple fix for these kits: a vented cap to be used in place of caps that don’t have holes in them. The vents allow the gas to escape from the jar. In January 2009, vented caps were sent to consumers who responded to the recall and were added to unsold kits along with a warning sheet.

Newer versions of these bath kits no longer include unvented lids; however, kits that included both vented and unvented lids were sold as late as December 2009. Thus, in many instances, this problem is up to moms and dads to fix at home. Simply throw away the purple caps that don’t have holes in them and call JAKKS toll-free at (877) 875-2557 to get a set of vented caps. And make sure you and your children read and follow the directions that came with the toy.

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