The Fisher-Price Recall: More than 10 Million Products

Today, Fisher-Price is recalling more than 10 million children’s products that were sold in the United States.

Fourteen models of the Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles can cause serious injury, including genital bleeding when a child sits, strikes or falls on a pretend plastic ignition key. CPSC and Fisher-Price know of 10 injuries, including six girls between the ages of 2 and 3 who needed medical attention after falling against the pretend key that is sticking up in front of the toddler tricycle seat.

Fisher-Price tricycle

Fourteen models of Fisher-Price Trike and Tough Trike tricycles have pretend keys sticking up in front of toddler tricycle seats that can cause serious injury.


There are seven models of infant activity centers with inflatable balls in which the valve from the balls comes off. We know of 14 valves found in children’s mouths. There were three reports of a child beginning to choke on the valve. In total, we have 46 reports of the valves coming off.

Fisher-Price infant activity centers with an inflatable ball

Fisher-Price infant activity centers with an inflatable ball

Children can fall on or against pegs on the back legs of nearly 950,000 Fisher-Price high chairs. We know of seven children who fell on or against these legs and needed stitches and one who had a tooth injury.

Wheels detach from these green and purple Little People vehicles

Wheels detach from these green and purple Little People vehicles

And finally, the wheels can come off of two cars in the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Fisher-Price did the right thing in agreeing to provide consumers with free remedies for these products. But all companies must do better. They must give more attention to building safety into their products. They must work to ensure that they are adhering to safety standards. And if any company finds itself with a defective product or one that is causing injuries, it must report the problem to CPSC immediately.

Meanwhile, as moms, dads and caregivers, you, too, have a role. We thank the dozens of you who reported these incidents. Thanks to you, CPSC was able to investigate, work with Fisher-Price on a remedy and recall these products.

If a toy breaks in your child’s hands or if your child suffers an injury from a product, tell us so that we can investigate. And if you own one of these recalled products, stop using it and contact Fisher-Price for free repair kits and replacement products.

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