Prevent a TV Fall in Your House

Every two weeks a child dies when a television or a piece of furniture falls on him.

In the incidents recorded by CPSC, toddlers were often climbing on entertainment units, dressers, bookcases or other pieces of furniture to reach the television. In some cases this led to a TV or a piece of furniture falling onto and crushing the child.

These incidents are tragic – and preventable.

You can easily safeguard your house by doing the following:

• Make sure that your furniture is stable.

• Install an anchor on all entertainment units, TV stands, bookcases, shelving, and dressers. Attach the anchor to the wall or floor.

• Place televisions on sturdy furniture appropriate for the size of the TV or on a low-rise base.

• Push the TV as far back as possible from the front of its stand.

• Remove items such as toys and remote controls from the top of the TV and furniture. These items may tempt children to climb.

• Place electrical cords out of a child’s reach and teach children not to play with the cords.

Between 2000 and 2008, CPSC received reports of nearly 200 deaths to children 8 years old and younger from TVs, furniture and appliances falling on them. More than 16,000 children 5 and younger are treated in emergency rooms each year because of injuries associated with these TV, furniture, and appliance tipovers, according to CPSC staff’s most recent estimates from 2006.

Don’t let your television or your furniture endanger your children. Take action now to prevent this from happening to your child.

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