Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives

The summer’s only half over and too many children are continuing to die in pools and spas. Since Memorial Day, CPSC has seen news reports of more than 210 child drownings and near drownings in pools and spas around the country. Nearly 90 children under the age of 15 have died. While many of the victims in the more than 120 near drownings were successfully rescued, other victims were left in serious condition.

These deaths and injuries are preventable. Each of us can and must take these simple steps to keep children safe in pools and spas.

Steps like always watching your children and never leaving them unattended in or near water.

Steps like keeping non-swimmers and young children within reach at all times when they are around water.

Steps like installing barriers (such as a 4-foot fence) around pools.

Steps like placing alarms on doors leading to pools to prevent young children from wandering into the pool area without your knowledge.

Steps like draining water out of portable and inflatable pools and turning them over when they aren’t in use.

Steps like making sure that children stay away from drain covers and pipes.

Steps like teaching your children pool safety rules, such as how to swim, not to pull or hang on friends and not to force or hold someone underwater.

And steps like learning CPR.

Watch this video. Share it. Live it. Embed it. And save a life.

(Watch in Windows Media format, or on CPSC’s YouTube Channel.)

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