An Update on Yo-Yo Balls

Whatever happened to yo-yo water balls? Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, they were all the rage with young kids. Back then, CPSC received quite a few reports of cords wrapping around children’s heads or necks.

Back in 2003, CPSC advised parents who were concerned about this risk that they should cut the cord off the toy or throw the toy away. CPSC staff concluded that the toy posed a low risk of strangulation, especially for younger children, but advised parents to be cautious.

Since then, a toy subcommittee made up of toy manufacturers, CPSC and other interested stakeholders developed string-length requirements on these toys that shorten the cords to less than 20 inches and limit the possibility of the cord wrapping around a child’s neck. As of February 2009, this limit in the yo-yo ball’s cord length became a mandatory rule in the United States.

Parents with older versions of these toys should follow the advice given in the past and either cut the cords to less than 20 inches or dispose of the toy.

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