We Want You!

We need your help!

We at CPSC are doing everything we can to get recalled products off of store shelves and online auctions. But it’s hard to monitor every sale of thousands of types of products to 300 million people. We have skilled staff here at CPSC who monitor and help stop illegal online transactions of recalled products, but we can’t patrol every nook of the Internet alone.

Sometimes, recalled products end up for sale online. Here’s where you come in. By virtue of you reading this post, we know that you are online. We would like you to keep an eye out for dangerous products – products that could put the safety of children and consumers at risk – and let us know about them. Each day that a recalled product is in use is a day in which consumers are taking a chance on someone being injured or killed by that product.

Here’s how you can help: Keep track of CPSC recalls online or by subscribing to CPSC recall alerts. If you run across a recalled product for sale online, e-mail us at websafety@cpsc.gov. We’ll take it from there. Yes, it is that simple.

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