Day 2: U.S.-China Product Safety Summit

US China Summit ATV Factory and Govt Testing Lab It’s Day 2 of the U.S.-China Consumer Product Safety Summit and ATV safety is on the agenda. ATVs can be a lot of fun to ride, but ATVs are also involved in hundreds of fatalities and more than a hundred thousand injuries each year. We need to reverse the rising death toll associated with these popular recreational vehicles.

Today, Chairman Tenenbaum and 10 CPSC staff members travelled about two hours outside of Wuxi to the industrial city of Taizhou for a firsthand look at a Chinese ATV factory, Jiangsu Linhai Power Machine Group. There was considerable interest by the Chinese media in the visit. The CPSC team toured the factory and had a very informative meeting with the firm’s President Lu Hai Min and Chinese government safety officials.

CPSC officials saw how Linhai tests for emissions, noise, durability, and speed. Chairman Tenenbaum and CPSC staff talked about the importance of building safety into their products.

US China Summit ATV Factory and Govt Testing Lab

One of CPSC’s goals while we’re in China is to make sure Chinese ATV manufacturers such as Linhai know that there is a mandatory performance standard in the U.S. for ATVs which limits speed for youth ATVs, establishes requirements for brakes and stability, and requires warning labels. Additionally, ATV manufacturers or distributors are required to have an action plan that is approved by CPSC before they can bring their ATVs into our ports and sell them to you.

There are more safety rules that CPSC will be working on for ATVs, but the current mandatory standard will be the topic of Friday’s summit meeting in Shanghai.

ATVs are one of six areas being highlighted during the Summit. The others include lead in children’s products, cigarette lighters, fireworks, electrical products, and toys. The CPSC team is also discussing drywall. There have been good discussions with our Chinese counterpart safety agency, AQSIQ, on building U.S. safety standards into consumer products to make them safer for your family. That’s what this Summit is all about – giving you confidence that the products you buy for your family are safe.

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