Day 1: U.S.-China Product Safety Summit

US China Summit Wuxi CPSC’s Chairman Inez Tenenbaum and 10 staff members have arrived in Wuxi, China and are looking forward to the 3rd biennial U.S. China Consumer Product Safety Summit getting underway.

The theme of this year’s summit is promoting best practices by Chinese manufacturers and U.S. importers to ensure product safety.

The CPSC team is working with Chinese manufacturers and U.S. importers to build U.S. safety requirements into products before they reach U.S. ports so you can have confidence in the safety of the products you buy for your family.

CPSC will be working to improve safety in six key areas –toys, lead in children’s products, fireworks, cigarette lighters, electrical products and ATVs.

US China Summit Wuxi

On Thursday, there will be a tour of an ATV factory in Wuxi and on Friday a government ATV testing facility in Shanghai. There is no consumer product that CPSC oversees that is involved in more fatalities than ATVs – about 900 fatalities every year. CPSC wants to make sure that ATV makers in China understand that there are rules they must follow if their ATVs are headed to the U.S.

US China Summit Wuxi Another issue we will discuss is drywall. CPSC has received more than 1700 reports from homeowners in the U.S. who have complained of health problems and corrosion of electrical and copper components in their homes. CPSC is working tirelessly to get to the bottom of this problem.

On Monday, CPSC and AQSIQ will announce the results of days of hard work by both sides at a press conference in Beijing.

The Chairman and staff members look forward to the discussions on all of these important topics at this year’s Summit and will continue to be your enthusiastic advocate for safer consumer products.

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