The Tipping Point

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Almost weekly, we see news reports about horrible accidents involving young children and furniture, appliance and tv tip-overs. The force of a large television falling from tipping furniture can be staggering.  A 50 lb. TV falls with about the same force as child falling from the third story of a building. That kind of impact can kill a child or cause severe injuries. About 16,000 (mostly young children) were treated in emergency rooms for tip-over related injuries in 2006, that’s about four times more injuries than from exposed electrical outlets. 
Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the deadly danger of this hidden hazard. Parents should include securing TVs, furniture, and appliances in their childproofing efforts. The most vigilant, safety-conscious parent can’t react quickly enough to save their child from falling furniture – even if they’re in the same room. The simplest solution is to install hardware/devices that anchor furniture to a wall – they’re inexpensive, easy-to-install, and are on-duty 24 hours a day.  For young children whose home is a playground, it’s the best way to prevent a tip-over tragedy.

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